Youth Can Do It!

The overall aim of this project is to increase young people’s employability (self-employability or not) and give credit on the labor market by helping them develop certain skills and competences and at the same time fighting with youth unemployment and trying to help economy arise by reducing the unemployment and the negative effects of it and also promoting young people’s active citizenship.

In the 7 days of the training course gathering together  44 youth workers whom will be given useful tools and practical instruments for their work and will share their experiences, best practices, obstacles and ideas on how to work.

The result of the project  is a “open space” for youth workers,trough a training course the  youth workers will understand better the background and causes of long term unemployment of young people and get familiar with youth policies made by EU Commission in order to fight against that and how these youth policies can be adapted into local youth work activities by exploring and inventing new tools on positive thinking, empowering job seekers and fighting against social exclusion in local and transnational level.

The objectives of the project are:

O1-to train the youth leaders and youth workers as resource persons in developing the competencies to increase the youth employment

O 2-to create partnership and to develop resources in order to facilitate the young integration on the labour market

O 3 -to promote intra and intersectorial cooperation as way to increase youth employment

O 4- to promote cultural diversity in a European context;

Partners of this project are:

Coordinator:EUROEDUAS Romania;The partner organizations:




-Association Center for medical herbs and berries Ambrozija-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

-Votis Youth in Action Club-Greece


-Asociación Juvenil “¿Y POR QUÉ NO?”-Spain

– ChangeLog Foundation-Ukraine;

-Grupo de Jovens Novo Mundo-Portugal

The training course will take place in Petrosani,17th-23rd november 2015;

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