About project

Name of the project: “The work firts of all”
Applicant association: Associazione socio-culturale “Officina della Creatività”
Partner association:
1) Asociatia EUROEDUDAS (Romania)
Number of partecipants: 15 + 2 (leaders) for each group
Place of the project: Pignola (PZ)
Region: Basilicata
Country: Italy
Accomodation: B&B dislocated in Pignola
Date of the project: 15 – 27 of May 2015
Theme of the project: Young unemployment;
Topics addresse:
1) Creativity and culture;
2) Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education;
3) Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy).
Certificate: YOUTHPASS
Preparation of partecipants:
The participants will realize a reportage about the young unemployment situation in their countries of origin. This report will be formed from free photos, research and interviews.
Short summury of the project:
“The work first of all” is a project of bilateral youth exchange in which will take part the association “Officina della Creatività” , the romanian association ASOCIATIA EUROEDUAS and turkish association HAYAT BOYU ÖĞRENİMİ DESTEKLEME DERNEĞİ. This exchange will take part in Pignola (identified as City of Europe), a little town of about 7000 inhabitants in the heart of Basilicata. The exchange will last 12 days and 11 nights. The number of the participants will be 45 included 2 careers for each group. The careers will be 1 man an 1 women for each group.
The theme choosen by both groups, will be the fight against young unemployment. Despite of the many European policies on young employment, this phenomenon is yet extended in and out Europe.
We will discuss the theme, the causes and the consequences that this phenomenon involves at European level, resarching for possible solutions. The theme will be dealt thanks to a informal activities and a series of non-formal activities that will aim to find potential solutions at the problem

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