The purpose of the EUROEDUAS organization is to involve young people aged 15-30 years in activities such as:

– Engage young people in rural areas and socio-economic disadvantage of the Jiu Valley in socio-educational activities, especially in the field of rural development, tourism promotion Jiu Valley area

– Promoting active citizenship and non-formal education for young people;

– Promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and sport;

– Develop solidarity and socialization among young people;

– Promoting Jiu Valley tourist area, particularly tourism potential untapped, is known as the Jiu Valley has a valuable natural tourism potential but poorly promoted;

– Expanding tourism by creating trails and then placing them in a guide made ​​available to travel agencies in the aim being to promote tourist areas;

– Completing specialized information about tourism in the area;

– Identify trails safe for young people to be motivated to spend their free time in nature;

Activities and working methods used are mainly a non formal. It uses methods such as:

– Activities of knowledge, communication and teamwork through which young people develop a positive attitude of attention and understanding, reflection on the various forms of acceptance, they learn to respect the opinions of others younger;

– Brainstorming as a method of teamwork –  put young people shared their experiences and visions, each participant has been encouraged to express their own opinions, to  stimulate creative thinking;

– Photo voice – young people have explored the artistic side will have the opportunity to express themselves through photos, create;

– Hiking – young people have experienced intense contact with nature, enjoyed the simple things and learned to appreciate the true value, in addition hike is a health remedy (young people enjoyed the fresh air, and have trained muscles of the whole body), participants will experience the challenges of nature, what is learned discipline, developed ability to cooperate, they will know their own values​​;

– Media event – youth were familiar with planning and organizing the details of an event, will acquire organizational skills, team spirit, practicality, leadership skills, ability to synthesis and analysis, decision-making capacity

Participating in activities and non-formal learning to young people actually know the city finds that the European citizens. One of the objectives of the activities wich have been carried out is to encourage young people to reflect on European topics and to involve them in the debate on the construction and the future European Union. In this context, the European dimension is conducted by and stimulate reflection on the new company Union or its values.

Participation of youth: youth during the projects have been involved in all project phases (planning – to establish together calendar of activities, logistical and practical details of the projects, purchase the materials needed for the project, to share duties and responsibilities, promotion and publicity, to promote the project plan, to create folders to promote the projects and to distribute in the community, they have written the articles and press release on the status of project implementation – they developed activities in the plan set, evaluation – they participated in the initial assessment, interim and final projects results dissemination – they disseminated the project results dissemination in accordance with the plan set).

Inclusion of young people: young people involved in the project come from different socio-economic area, most face socio-economic difficulties (coming from families with low incomes), youth involvement in specific activities is reduced, the level of inactivity is one increased negative effects on health, the project responds to the need to include young people in that it focuses on the active involvement of young people in order for them to overcome difficulties, to acquire this behaviors and pro-active.

Diversity, intercultural

Through their activities and participation of individuals from different local communities encourages respect for cultural diversity project, aimed at developing intercultural learning among young people, young participants in project activities are becoming aware of its intercultural dimension. Activities stimulated awareness and reflection on the differences of values. Intercultural working methods is allows to all  participants ;

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