About us

The Association EUROEDUAS is a non-profit association located in a disadvantaged region named Jiu Valley. The Romanian organization is located in a urban area of about 40.000 inhabitants. Related to the projects, the association has developed a number of activities and projects aimed at preparing young people for life, as required by the modern European spirit. Thus, environmental camps, thematic competitions, open days, exchange projects and mobility groups, international youth camps, competitions modern languages – some of the activities in which young people have experienced tolerance, acceptance of differences, solidarity, cooperation Europe and developed organizational skills, critical thinking, independence, responsibility, civic attitude.

Fields of action:

– Education;

– Social media;

– Human rights protection;

– Corporate social responsibility;

– Entrepreneurship;


– Educational projects (seminars, conferences, training, summer schools);

– Intercultural projects (youth exchanges, study visits, networking events);

– Research projects;

– Challenges;

– Raising awareness campaigns;

Permanent activities:

– Our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AsociatiaEuroeduas) aims to be an informative portal for young people providing valuable content in the following fields: news, education, entrepreneurship, responsibility, human rights, Romanian culture and civilization, Culture and intercultural dialogue and entertainment.

– Euroeduas has a close partnership with the  public institutions: Schools,high schools,Clubs,Save the Cildrens Organisation-Branch Hunedoara,Petrosani City Hall ;

-Networks: SALTO Youth (https://www.salto-youth.net/);

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