About project

Theme of the Project: Minorities & anti-discrimination Aim: to discuss discrimination based on minorities and differences with young people from different countries to create solutions and new project ideas. Sub-Themes: Culture, identity, socio-cultural structure, minorities’ policy

  • In February 2014 four members of the association attended a training course Youth in Action program, action 1.2 in Turkey, Sivas ;The project was entitled : “Other Side of TheFence” ;Activity was to increase the number of youth workers and its quality about cultural diversity in Youth in Action Program.Subject of the Project: cultural diversity and discrimination;

The first youth exchange run by our association in Sivas, Turcia.

We  had the opportunity to meet wonderful true European citizens in whose company who have accumulated a lot of experience and have won with many wonderful memories.

As  we understood from the title, this project was aimed to fight against stereotypes, denigration, separatism of any kind.

Also, once it helped us to discover our qualities, to see the world with different eyes, to be open to other nationalities , different in terms of culture but very similar in other perspectives with us.

One of our important gains was: knowledge of new people and places, enriching the English language spoken ,integration  in the project environment, learning and putting into practice all the  specific project concepts.

We thank all participants envolved in this project and especially to organizers, our  wonderful hosts.

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